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by SaiJai News
11 months ago

Have you ever experienced the headache of searching for a reliable driver in a rush? Whether you need a driver for a vacation or even for urgent business matters, it’s often challenging to find the right driver. Many times, you may hesitate to use outsourced driver services because you’re unsure about the current market prices. How can you determine if you’re paying the correct fare? You wouldn’t want to be overcharged unknowingly, nor would you want to pay a rate that’s significantly lower than the standard, especially for daily hires.

Daily driver in Bangkok - where to find the affordable one

Today, we’re introducing our daily driver service from our platform, ensuring that you’ll never be overcharged!

Our chauffeur service rates are flexible, ranging from hourly, with a minimum booking of 2 hours or more, to daily or overnight travel beyond the city limits. The pricing for Jaijai is fixed, and customers will know the price upon requesting the service. You’ll have the exact price rate every time, with no additional hidden fees. Moreover, for those who wish to extend the service beyond the agreed time, payment can be made directly to the driver according to the agreed-upon rates.

Valid Driver’s License:

  • Every day driver must possess a valid driver’s license appropriate for the type of vehicle they will be driving. The license type should match the vehicle being operated, whether it’s a car, van, or any other type.

Clean Traffic Record:

  • A clean driving record, free from traffic violations or major accidents, is typically a requirement. Employers want to ensure drivers are responsible and adhere to traffic regulations.


  • Previous experience as a driver, particularly in similar roles, can be a valuable asset. Familiarity with local road networks, traffic patterns, and potential shortcuts can greatly contribute to efficient driving.

Knowledge of Traffic Laws:

  • A strong understanding of local traffic laws, regulations, and road signs is crucial for safe and lawful driving.

Daily driver in Bangkok - where to find the affordable one

Safety Consciousness:

  • Daily drivers must prioritize safety for both themselves and their passengers. They should adhere to speed limits, use seat belts, and practice defensive driving.


  • Dependability is paramount for daily drivers. They must be punctual and trustworthy to ensure passengers arrive at their destinations on time.

Effective Communication:

  • Clear and effective communication is essential, especially when interacting with passengers or receiving instructions from employers. Precise communication ensures that drivers comprehend and fulfill expectations.

Customer Service Skills:

  • For drivers who regularly interact with passengers, strong customer service skills are crucial. Demonstrating courtesy, respect, and attentiveness to passengers’ needs enhances the overall passenger experience.

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