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10 months ago

Have you ever considered hiring a private driver or a daily driver? Due to various factors, such as business travel or leisure trips, you might need a driver either for your own vehicle or to hire a car with a driver. Have you ever wondered about the appropriate rate to pay? What would be a reasonable wage, not too high yet not too low? Moreover, how can you ensure that the driver has not overcharged you?

Today, Saijai is here to offer valuable insights. I have a useful tip to share with you on how to select a driver and secure a reasonable price. 


In most cases, a daily driver is typically hired at an hourly wage, usually covering an 8-hour work period, excluding breaks. Prices start from thousands and may vary. Additional costs, like fuel or extra services such as meals or accommodation (for overnight trips), are not included in this rate. Prices can range from 1,500 to 1,800 baht or more, contingent on various factors. These factors include:

Study your intended route.

  • Often, drivers charge a fixed starting price based on the origin and destination. However, if you require a driver to travel to multiple locations, the pricing might differ as drivers tend to charge more for longer distances.

Car model and service type: driver with a car or driver for your car.

  • Daily drivers can provide both the car and the driver. Alternatively, some clients prefer to drive their own cars and hire a driver for their convenience. Prices for these two options can vary significantly. The driver’s fee typically doesn’t cover the cost of the car and tends to be more affordable, potentially starting at around 400 baht per hour, depending on your specific requirements.How much does a daily driver in Bangkok cost?

Working hours.

  • The number of hours you’ve booked for the driver may not always correspond to the actual working hours, especially when night hours are involved. Chauffeur services during nighttime might incur higher charges compared to daytime services due to the nature of part-time work.

How much does a daily driver in Bangkok cost?

Saijai for driver services.

  • When choosing a driver, consider opting for services that have undergone background checks and possess extensive experience providing high-level service as drivers. Attentive services provide transparent pricing with comprehensive customer information shared after each booking confirmation. This assures customers that there won’t be any unexpected charges, unless they request additional services that go beyond the standard package, in which case overtime charges can be paid directly to the driver.

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