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by SaiJai News
10 months ago

Looking for nanny service or babysitter can be a little bit overwhelming, especially when you’re the new parents and have no idea where to start looking for one. You might probably wonder where to find a trust and quality nanny for your children. And if you find one, how much should you pay for the services?  And should you hire them per daily, weekly or even monthly?

To help you answer all your curiosity, SAIJAI is here today to help you with the tips of How to Find the Right Nanny Service in Bangkok.

Nanny Service Bangkok - How to Find Them

Announcement in the mother’s group via social media

No matter which social channels are used, nowadays, it is quite easy and fast to access information. At this point, it may save the cost of hiring a nanny from a recruitment company. Some housewives may have worked as nannies for the mother’s group before, but as the child grows up, the need for their services decreases. They can recommend or pass on their experience as an assistant to new mothers in need.

However, detailed announcements through social media may also create a loophole for fraudsters to infiltrate. Due to the trust within the group, mothers might forget to thoroughly check the history of potential nannies. Therefore, before accepting the duty, moms should not forget to conduct a thorough background check and avoid being careless when making a choice.

Advantages: No need to pay service fees to a recruitment company. Disadvantages: There is a risk of encountering fraudsters.

Recommended by friends or acquaintances of housewives who worked in our house before

This method helps screen more people than the first method because it involves recommendations from acquaintances or friends who have worked in our home. However, it’s essential to remember that observations from the previous housekeeper’s or friend’s recommendation may not accurately evaluate the new nanny’s skills.

Advantages: Acquired from acquaintances as a preliminary screening. Disadvantages: May have to pay a small gratuity to the previous housekeeper or friend, and there is no labor skill test before hiring.

Use a nanny company/services

Nanny recruitment companies offer a variety of mentors to choose from to meet specific needs, such as nannies who can cook, handle housework, or speak English. However, the more features and abilities a nanny possesses, the higher the cost will be. In addition to these expenses, mothers should also cover the Work Permit if the nanny is a foreign worker intended for long-term care.

When a mother chooses a nanny from a recruitment company, if any issues arise, such as the nanny not meeting the claimed qualifications, mothers can change to a new babysitter who meets their requirements (under specified conditions). Additionally, nanny companies have specific screening criteria, including appearance, hygiene, personality, and other factors.

Advantages: Passed a thorough screening from the nanny company. Disadvantages: There is an additional cost for the service, making the budget relatively higher.